Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sneak Peek: Amy & Andy's Wedding

I photographed Amy & Andy's wedding at Childress Vineyards on Saturday. This is absolutely one of my favorite couples! As I was going through their pictures, I had to laugh when I saw this one! Yes, the lighting is not the best but with this location the pond is so pretty you have to get a few. When I saw the shy, sedate flower girls in this picture I had to post it. I can't believe a little girl could jump so high!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amanda & Michael's Engagement Session in NODA

I photographed Amanda & Michael in NODA, Charlotte's art district. I don't usually like to photograph during this time of the day, but this time I had to. I think they turned out pretty nice though! I am looking forward to their wedding in August!

And isn't Amanda gorgeous! Love that smile!


And this is a flare picture that seems to be so popular now!

And a different type of ring shot.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Natalie & Kenny's Engagement Session

Natalie & Kenny will be married in June. I really enjoyed taking their pictures. They were up for anything! I think Natalie was a little nervous when we got to the old cars! It was pitch black but we managed to get a couple. Both of their mother's were with us, and I have to admit, I put them to work too! Seriously though this family is so nice! I am excited to be photographying their wedding!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lauren & Daniel

I could seriously take pictures of this couple all day! I can't wait to do the bridal portrait! I know it will be amazing! I had so many pictures it was hard to narrow them down to a reasonable amount. Here are a few favorites, I am sure I will be adding more! :)
But I decide that today, I am going to finish a few things for me, like an album of Italy and a few pictures for the house. You will have to forgive me today on blogging, I really don't take much time for myself! The Italy trip was the summer of '08!

I love the way Daniel is looking at Lauren in this picture!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lauren & Daniel's Engagement sneak peak

I promised myself I wasn't going to work today! I was planning to download the files and back them up! But when I saw the sky in this one and how perfect Daniel and Lauren looked together... well here is a sneak peek... And I can also say this wasn't the only picture to catch my eye!

The engagement shoot turned into quite a hike, I was glad I had worn my workout clothes and tennis shoes! Poor Lauren! I can't imagine how it would have been in heels! These two are a dream to work with! More pictures soon! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amy's Bridal Session

When I photographed Amy's engagement session in January, I thought her hair was so pretty. Yet, when she walked into the studio to have her bridal session done, I know my jaw dropped. She was absolutely gorgeous! Everything came together beautifully! From the dress to the veil to the jewelry and flowers! Amy is pretty from every angle, but her profile is to die for! Here are a few more from her session.

I know my blog post are severely lacking right now, but I have just been so busy just trying to stay caught up! Not sure I am quite there yet either! And I am sure you would rather see pictures than for me to write paragraphs!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michelle's Bridal Session

It was certainly cold the day I shot Michelle's bridal session! It was so cold she wanted to know if I could take the red off of her nose, and she had to wear a coat between shots. Brrr, I felt so sorry for her! When I did the laying down pose she said that wasn't her. I really think it is her! What do you think? It really emphasizes her hazel eyes!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Michelle & Daniel's Engagement Session

I have spent so much time the last couple of weeks processing pictures! Today I decided to add a couple of pictures to my poor neglected blog! Here are a couple from Michelle and Daniel's engagement session. Tomorrow I have decided to spend the morning updating my blog before I start processing pictures! So consider this a sneak peak!

Michelle and Daniel are a couple of very talented music teachers. I was intimidated by their musical abilities! When I realized Michelle was also shy, I was a little afraid to ask them to do the things I normally ask a couple! (Seriously nothing bad! Kiss on the cheek, neck etc.) They didn't mind at all climbing in the weeds and other places I asked them to go! I got very excited when they said they would have their pictures made in this location!

Wouldn't it be cool to do a bridal session at this location?

I decided this picture might look better later in the day. So here it is retouched a little more. Now it doesn't look as much like it was taken at noon! :)

This is the first retouching I did on this image. I would love to see some comments on which one you like better and why!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sneak Peek of Amy's Bridal Session

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been busy with albums, shooting and processing pictures! Here is a sneak peek of Amy's bridal session. Isn't she absolutely beautiful! I will post several more in the next few days! (Well actually, as soon as I have all of the galleries online!)

I have a wedding, an engagement session and three bridal sessions to post. You will have to wait on one of the bridal sessions though until after the wedding! I am processing pictures daily and getting the galleries up as quickly as possible!

We have been waiting for Spring to do the bridal sessions, but the brides are getting married in the next two-three weeks. So sorry, not much time for blogging!

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