Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lauren's Bridal Session

When I was photographing Lauren's engagement session, I asked Daniel what was his favorite thing about Lauren. (Yes, I was thinking about using it for the blog- but sometimes it is also nice for the bride to see what he will say!) Daniel's immediate response was "her eyes". Yes, Lauren has amazing eyes, but really she is just stunning. It has been hard for me to choose my favorites for the blog because there are just so many that I love. And check out the bling on her flowers. I always love Chelish Moore's flowers!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sneak Peek: Lauren's Bridal Session

I shot Lauren's bridal session last Thursday. And I have to admit I am having a hard time narrowing them down! This girl seriously doesn't take a bad picture! Isn't she gorgeous! Here is just a couple of my many favorites! (more to come) I love the sunlight in her hair and veil!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lindsay & Ryan's Wedding in Sparta and Roaring Gap NC

After checking the weather forecast the day of Lindsay's wedding, I was a little concerned that it would rain throughout the festivities. There was a 70% chance of rain. But the wedding was fabulous! The day started out with a few sprinkles, then turned out to be a perfect day for a wedding! Lindsay and Ryan are perfect for each other!

Considering the drive to Sparta I left early, to make sure I was on time. I arrived 90 minutes early, so I decided to go to the reception site to see if I could take some pictures. It was absolutely beautiful! From the colors to the flowers everything was perfect! Imagine my surprise to find out the brides mother had done all of the decorating and flowers!

Another surprise at this wedding was the father and daughter dance! It started out as a typical father daughter dance then quickly changed to non-typical. This father and daughter can really dance! As a matter of fact everyone at this wedding could dance! Even the children! And they did!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amy & Andy's Wedding

I have to say that Amy & Andy are perfect together! Every event and detail just seems to work out for these two!

Their engagement pictures were taken in January, within a week of a cold blanket of snow. Yet, the day the pictures were scheduled it was a warm and beautiful day!

The day before Amy's bridal session, we had rain, but the day of her bridal session it was warm and sunny! The cherry trees were even full of blooms. I know absolutely nothing about plants, but I do know they only bloom a few days!

Their wedding day was also perfect! Family and friends traveled from as far as England to be a part of this wedding. (Andy is actually from England, and yes he does have that cute accent!) I thought Amy looked stunning when we did the bridal portraits, but she looked even prettier on the day of the wedding! You can actually see how relaxed and content she is when Andy's around!

Even the children did everything perfectly! I did get a picture of one of the flower girls frowning, but she smiled in the following pictures. I have to say though her frown was adorable! So of course I posted the one with her frowning, because she was so cute with the frown.

And a special thank you to Pat Heinz, the wedding and events coordinator that traveled from Ohio to help with the wedding. She actually made the beautiful flowers and decorated the banquet hall! She also came with Amy to the bridal session and helped! She is available for weddings in NC now!

Here are some of my favorites from the wedding!

Doesn't the flower girl have the cutest frown?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lindsay's Bridal Session

I photographed Lindsay's wedding on Saturday. I am still working on those pictures, but Lindsay said I could post her bridal portraits after the wedding! It rained the day of Lindsay's bridal session, so we did them in the studio. But I have actually had a lot of brides lately that have wanted to have studio bridal sessions! I had a blast at the wedding it was so beautiful! Anyway, here are a few of Lindsay's bridal pictures! Doesn't she have the most beautiful green eyes!

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