Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Before & After

I am often asked what is the difference between regular images and retouched images. The photo on the left is straight out of the camera. The picture on the right is retouched. All images ordered and images in albums are retouched. DVD's are not retouched because of the extensive time involved in retouching images.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tracy's Family Pictures!

I shot Tracy's family pictures this past Saturday. It was so cold outside! We decide to do outdoor pictures instead of staying in the studio. I couldn't believe how easy going everyone was! Especially Dylan! He didn't mind the cold and was the sweetest child! I couldn't believe it when he started eating leaves! You would think the first bite would have been his last! He liked them! Tracy likes black and white photos, but Dylan has the most awesome blue eyes! I couldn't stand to make them black and white! Judge for yourself, doesn't this baby have the most incredible eyes?!! Of course, you can see where he gets his good looks, his parents were amazing, too!

Several people have asked where I have been taking the pictures on the recent blog entries. All but one was taken at our studio.

And the same picture in black and white!

I decided to add a little texture to this one!

Is it my imagination or is that a smirk on Dylan's face?

And another sample of black and white.

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