Monday, June 29, 2009

Michelle and Daniel's Wedding

Michelle and Daniel were married at the Shiloh United Methodist Church in Granite Quarry. They are both music teachers, so of course their choice of music went beyond the ordinary! Dr. Will Peebles,director of music at Western Carolina University,directed the prelude on the Gamelan Gunung Biru(A gamelan is an orchestra of tuned percussion instruments that consists mainly of gongs, zithers and xylophones.)The instruments were amazing! They truly had an amazing one-of-a-kind wedding and I was glad they had chosen me to photograph their wedding!

Here are some of my favorites!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lauren & WD's Maternity Session

I had a great time photographing Lauren's maternity session. It was so hot, but she managed to look cool and beautiful! WD was a great sport, when we wanted to try everything! He did a wonderful job of painting on Lauren's stomach. (Some of my favorite pictures!) But I can't show you those until after the baby is born! They are keeping the baby's name a secret until after she is born. I couldn't believe that when I heard it! Not from her MOTHER! But yes, even her mother doesn't know.

WD was also great when I had problems saying his name. Easy when you say it the southern way "dubya" D but try saying it "double U" D. His wife is a school teacher, I couldn't pronounce it wrong. So we settled on Dub and I relaxed!

Here are a few from their session.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Natalie & Kenny's Wedding Slideshow

Natalie & Kenny's Wedding

Natalie and Kennie were married at The Lear Plantation in Salisbury. It was my first time photographing at The Lear Plantation, and I have to say I was impressed! The area where the bride was getting dressed was especially beautiful! I want that bedroom and bathroom! I will have to go back and add a picture of the bride in the bathroom so you can see what I am talking about!)

Since it is already past 3 a.m. and I can't think clearly, I will just go ahead and post their pictures.

Love the way she is looking at him during the ceremony!

I love this car!

The ring bearer is so cute! He is so small by all the guys, yet he still really stands out and looks so grown up!

Love the eyes!

I took this picture while he was dancing with the flower girl!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kimberly & Zack's Engagement Session

I photographed Kimberly and Zack's Engagement Session last Thursday. It looked like it was going to rain any second, and it did! We were able to get quite a few pictures before it started raining. And after it began raining we continued. I love the interaction between Kim and Zack and the most beautiful pictures are the ones where they forgot about me and concentrated on each other. Love Kim's smile and she has the biggest blue eyes! Here is a sneak peak until I can get a few more processed and ready for the blog!


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