Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jennifer & Lee's Wedding

We photographed Jennifer and Lee's Wedding on August 16th! Their reception was held at The Train Depot in Salisbury, NC. Yes, I know I haven't been blogging enough! We have just been busy processing pictures! Jennifer and Lee decided to see each other for the first time before the wedding. We call these pictures "first look" because the couple gets a chance to see and talk to each other before the ceremony! We use a long lens so they can have a few private moments together. I am always amazed at how interested the guys are in the dress and shoes. Yes, they are! The last two weddings we have done the guy has actually lifted the bottom of the dress to look at the shoes! How cute is that?

The guys were totally crazy! They had some ideas for pictures, but Lee kept them straight! (He told them no, Jennifer wouldn't like that.)

This picture was actually used for the trolley's business cards!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Updating the Website

I have been working on updating my website. Yes, I know it is about time! I think my brides would rather have their albums though! I am going to start having a featured gallery of a relatively current :) bride! Well, I am going to try. I just posted some new images of Katie and Thomas' Wedding. I added some that haven't been posted on my blog, so head over and check them out!

And here is a bridal bouquet from a recent wedding I will try to blog tomorrow! The bouquet was made by the incomparable Chelish Moore! And no I don't get anything for saying that! I haven't met her, but I can tell as soon as I arrive at a wedding if the flowers have been done by her. Judge for yourself! Beautiful aren't they?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal

I normally shoot everything in raw with a very neutral color, because I prefer to edit important pictures in photoshop. I can decide after shooting what type of enhancements I want. Here is a sample of the Rialto Bridge in Venice with a before image and a after image. I have posted several pictures today so scroll down to see the rest.

I am working on some images I took of Heather during the trip. I will also be posting those images. I love the scenery in Italy, but I do love people pictures even more! The only time I was ready to strangle her was when I hiked to the top of a trail to take pictures in Vernazza. I was seriously sick to my stomach! I don't like heights to begin with! They didn't even have a railing or anything to stop you from falling and a narrow little path. I wanted to get my picture and get down immediately! (I had just read about a girl on her honeymoon that had fallen to her death there.) Anyway, Heather wanted me to take her picture with that background and was seriously blocking my view! I told her no way, let me get my picture I had hiked up there for and get down!

Here is the before and after of the Rialto Bridge.

AND this is the picture I was hiking for!

Burano and Murano

It seems that most people that visit Venice have a tendency to visit Murano. Murano is where they make the Murano Glass. But if you do have a chance, be sure to add Burano to your list of must see places. It is where they make lace. They are both amazing!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Work

We are home from Italy! I have 2000 pictures to go through. Heather began the trip with a terrible cough, but brought enough medicine for 2 people! By the end of the trip, I was glad she had, because she was nice enough to share her medicine when I got the same cough. The only bad thing about Italy was the dollar versus the Euro! Everytime I got $250.00 out of my account I was charged $403.00! While we were walking one day I was about to pay $2.50 for a small bottle of water, Heather said that's too expensive just drink some of mine. Dumb! It wasn't long before I had her cold! We drink a lot of water, and had quit drinking so many soft drinks. There is just something about craving them though when they are 6 Euros! That makes them $9.48 per can with our dollar! How crazy is that?! Knowing I didn't want to spend that only made me wish I had one!

I am spending this week with my granddaughter before she has to return to school, but I will be posting again next week. Next week I have a bridal session, an engagement session and a wedding next Saturday! So time to go back to work!

Here is a picture of Vernazza. I think I took about 10 of everything in Italy! It was so beautiful there!

This is one of my favorites from Venice!

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