Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lauren & Daniel's Wedding at Sarotoga Springs

Lauren and Daniel were married on a picture perfect day at Sarotoga Springs! It didn't start out that way though! I had actually packed a rain jacket and plastic coverings for my camera!

The first time I saw Lauren's dress I loved it and I thought her hair was beautiful! How can you improve on perfection? But she did! She had a different hairstyle for the wedding. I know my jaw dropped when I saw it. It was perfect! Sarotoga Springs is known for a "storybook wedding in a plantation setting", and I can't imagine a bride more perfectly suited for a wedding there!

And can I mention what an angel her daughter is! She has an amazing vocabulary and can talk to anyone! You can tell by the pictures with the groomsmen, that everyone adores her! I didn't see her for a while at the reception, but when she walked in with her pink tutu, everyone stopped and noticed!

It was a wonderful wedding!

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