Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kimberly and Zack's Wedding

Kimberly and Zack were married at The Beaver Dam House in Davidson, it was a beautiful wedding. I think it rained everywhere around the area except the wedding site! As soon as Kimberly started down the aisle the sun broke through the clouds! I think that was a sign that this wedding is truly blessed!

A big thank you to Donna (Kimberly's mom) for letting me know about the secret for Kimberly on her wedding day! Kim's dad didn't know how to dance, but he took lessons so he could surprise her on her wedding day for the father/daughter dance. I love the stunned look on Kimberly's face when she danced with her father! Isn't that the sweetest thing for a father to do?

Here is a slideshow of her wedding!

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